About Lustres Online

For more than 10 years,Lustres Online has been specializing in manufacturing and selling chandeliers for the best prices. We offer both classic models like Maria Theresa chandeliers, but we also offer a broad collection of modern type chandeliers. Most of the chandeliers in our collection, we deliver from our own production and stock. We do it really fast, so you will have the chandelier of your dreams hanging before you know it. 

Because we have good purchasing conditions we offer you the best chandeliers for the best price. Consumers, hotels, restaurants, theaters and museum order our chandeliers for perfect atmosphere. Quality and choice are important, because you want to purchase a chandelier which is a timeless piece of decoration. 

Do you have a questions about a product or seeking advice? Please give us a call.

Kinderhuisvest 29
2011 NP Haarlem
The Netherlands